Supporting Community Based Organisations

FDRVC works as a business support agency for large scale producer organisations promoted under NRLM.

Supporting Producer Enterprises

Join our journey to create sustainable and inclusive rural value chains by combining traditional wisdom with professional expertise.

Our Approach

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FDRVC Framework

Our Mission
To transform the economic potential of rural India by supporting the establishment of Producer Enterprises around valuable, sustainable and inclusive value chains

Our Focus
Rural livelihoods enhancement by promoting large scale ProducerEnterprises in farm and non-farm sector

FDRVC Framework
Opportunity IdentificationBusiness Plan DevelopmentEstablishment of PEsIncubation SupportPhased ExitBusiness CaseSourcing Capacities and ProcessesGrounding Support SystemsService Contracts with PEsOngoing Services

Opportunity Identification

A complete study of the present value chains in the existing geography(s) is done by a well-trained team of business managers and specialists.

Business Plan Development

With continuous engagement and discussions with field experts and over several iterations, a strong business model with a detailed financial plan is developed

Establishment of PEs

Mobilization of members, setting up of a strong governance framework, ensuring all compliances is taken up by a set team of institution specialists, chartered accounts, lawyers and risk analysts.

Incubation Support

Setting up the operation processes, providing professional management support, technical and forward linkages, corporate partnerships is done by a team of well-equipped business managers.

Phased Exit

A service on call support in the initial phase and full exit in the latter phase will be planned by the team.

Business Case

^ Business case for umbrella brand and
estimate of demand for business
support services
^ Organisational design and required
^ Risk assessment and management

Sourcing Capacities and Processes

^ Recruitment of senior leadership
^ Development of operational protocols
^ Investment in capabilities

Grounding Support Systems

^ Standard contractual agreements
^ Contract administration framework
^ Revenue initiation
^ Capacity building

Service Contracts with PEs

^ Services Contract with PEs
^ Delivery stabilization
^ Relationship stabilization with PE

Ongoing Services

^ Performance monitoring
^ Processes for organizational
^ Addition of new service lines

Our Services

Collection & Processing

Collectivization | Inventory Management | Lean Production System | Quality and Certification | Processing

Infra Development

Collection Centers | Standardized SOP | Processing Unit | Compliant

Sales & Marketing

Trade Facilitation | Retailing | Digital Marketing | E-Commerce Listing | Brand Development |

Institution Building

Mobilization | Recruitment | Capacity Building | Training | HR Functions | Compliance | Legal |


Digital Commodity Collection Centre | Digital Knowledge Management System | Market Information System | ERP System |

Product Development

New Product Development | Design Development | Portfolio Diversification | Go to Market Strategy |