Our Journey

Foundation for Development of Rural Value Chains is a joint initiative of Ministry of Rural Development and Tata Trusts launched in 2019 as a non-profit company.

Our Story

Join our journey to create sustainable and inclusive rural value chains by combining traditional wisdom with professional                  expertise.


Foundation for Development of Rural Value Chains is a joint initiative of Ministry of Rural Development and Tata Trusts launched in 2019. A not for profit autonomous organization, we are working towards building sustainable livelihood through multiple large scale Producer Enterprises.

Why Us

FDRVC stands out in the development sector landscape with holistic service offerings driven by well-integrated teams. We are uniquely positioned to coordinate with various stakeholders such as government bodies, private entities and ground level workforce, covering each stage from project planning to implementation as well as policy advocacy.

Focus Area

We develop a comprehensive strategy, provisioning technical assistance, capacity building, and investment support for Producer Enterprises. This enables them to have improved market access, processing capabilities, quality control and market information for making business decisions.

FDRVC at a Glance


  • A MoRD initiative under DAY-NRLM supported by TATA Trusts
  • Independent, Technocratic, Centre of Excellence


  • Establish Producer Owned Enterprises

  • Build the ‘Produced in India’ brand


  • Headed by senior professional with experience in value chains

  • High-performance team of Experts with techno managerial skill

Empowerment & Legitimacy

  • Set up under Central Government legislation

  • Functionally & Financially autonomous – structured as a not for profit company

Operating Principles

  • Outcomes focused

  • Transparent

  • Future-thinking

  • Single-point accountability


  • Multi-stakeholder Governing Board

  • Partnerships with Research, Academia, Civil Society, Corporates

Board of Directors

Anish Kumar

Jugal Kishore Mohapatra

Pavithra Kumar Rudrapati